Iracing stock car setup guide

iRacing Rookie Tips: Getting Started and Moving Up

Still having problems? This setup was prepared by Old School Racing Motorsports. This setup has enough fuel to run about 50 green flag laps. At the time of this post, we're running on Friday nights at pm eastern time. Check the schedule for up-to-date information.

This setup was prepared by Randy Smith. This setup was prepared for moderate track usage by Old School Racing Motorsports. All of the Dirt Street Stock series currently running on iRacing use fixed setups, so I haven't made a setup for this car in a long time.

Since this is the best car on iRacing, I decided to make setups for some tracks. Lanier is the most popular track in the Class C official fixed setup series, so I'm starting there. Official races are fixed, but there is plenty of league and hosted racing going on in the superb iRacing Dirt Street Stock. This setup was prepared for dry, slick tracks by Old School Racing Motorsports. This setup was prepared for moist, tacky tracks by Old School Racing Motorsports.

This setup was prepared by Richard Hughes5. Your email address will not be published. Download Setup. Lanier Nat. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. No ad blocking software is permitted on this website. Please disable any ad blocker you have running then refresh the page. Continued use of ad blocking software on this website will result in your location being blocked and you will no longer be able to access the website.

OSR Menu.The biggest reservation that many prospective sim racers have toward iRacing is the costs. Admittedly, the costs of iRacing are higher than most other sims, especially the initial costs. In this post I will outline some of the cost within iRacing. I am going to assume that you own a compatible computer and a console system and there are no promo codes active. If you are joining late and have no idea what I am talking about read this.

Hook up your controller to your computer and enjoy. Those who are equipped with a wheel will have a slight advantage, but you can still enjoy iRacing.

Many other racers begin with a controller. A steering wheel is essential to get the most out of iRacing. I suggest a degree wheel with FFB, but any wheel will benefit you more than the most advanced controller.

As I discussed in my last post, there are many promo codes available for iRacing.

iracing stock car setup guide

With iRacing you need to purchase the licenses to use individual tracks. This generates a super accurate heightmap of the course. Every bump and dip is map to millimeter precision. This costs money. In order to scan the Nurburgring, iRacing sent a crew to spend some days in Germany to scan the track. It costs money to map the tracks to such detail.

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However, these people fail to realize that you do not need to own all of the content. You only need to own what is relevant to you.

I am sure there are tracks and cars in Project Cars or Forza that you rarely use. If you know how to play the license system, you can get to Sprint Cup level cars very quickly and relatively inexpensively.

That seems like a lot of money, which it is; however, that is not the true dollar amount. Neither should you. Bundle, Bundle, Bundle; that is the key to purchasing iRacing content. There are a number of bundling deals within iRacing. The ones that are most relevant to you are the iRacing credits deal and the automatic bundle discounts. The more you buy the better the discount.

Of course there are a number of things that could change this price. However, that is not the number you should be looking at.And Street Stock is plenty fast enough to get your attention, but rugged and forgiving of rookie mistakes.

Although the iRacing Street Stock is designed for relatively inexperienced drivers to learn the stock car racing basics, the car and series are extremely popular with iRacers of all license levels. Learn More. Stay In Touch. Email Address. First Name. All Rights Reserved. Sign Up Sign In. Home Overview What is iRacing? Advanced Legends Cup Learn More. PickUp Cup Learn More.

Recommended Basic Setups

Carburetor Cup Learn More. Open Wheel. Formula Renault 3. F3 Championship Learn More. Sprint Car Series Learn More. Silver Crown Cup Learn More. Grand Prix Legends Learn More. Pro Mazda Championship Learn More. Dallara Dash Learn More. Radical Racing Challenge Learn More.

iracing stock car setup guide

Sports Cars. Porsche eSports Supercup Learn More. Advanced Mazda Cup Learn More. Porsche iRacing Cup Learn More. Fanatec Global Challenge Learn More.

Grand Touring Cup Learn More. Industriefahrten Fun Learn More. Dirt Ovals. Dirt Midget Cup Learn More. Interested in special offers, free giveaways, and news? Tweets by iRacing.

iracing stock car setup guide

Thanks for signing up! Sign Up Terms.Each VRS datapack consists of data from all relevant iRacing circuits with a setup, telemetry and a replay file from Pro drivers in the current season Season 3, With datapacks, you can easily compare your own racing and consequently improve. Click hereor scroll down. The differential or diff, for short allows the left and right wheels to rotate independently, which helps balance the car through corners.

Its configuration determines how much of the torque coming off the engine is transferred to each wheel. Locked differential also known as a spool The spool is essentially a solid axle connection between the left and right wheels, or a fixed differential.

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Some people weld their differential fixed, for instance to allow easier drifting. A spool ensures both left and right tires rotate at exactly the same speed. A spool gives you good traction accelerating on a straight line, but the handling of the car is compromised during turning. When going around a corner, the outside tire has to travel a longer distance. So, the inside is forced to rotate faster than it needs for the turn radius and hence spins.

This causes stress wear on both tires and the drive train. In terms of handling, this causes understeer when decelerating, and oversteer when accelerating. Spools are typically used in karts, drag racecars, some oval race cars and some road race cars.

iRacing – Oval Setup Tunning

Notable road car examples on iRacing are the V8 Supercars. Open differential A completely open differential allows the left and right tires to rotate entirely independently.

This helps with turning. The open diff also allows more torque to be transferred towards the less loaded tire. This is quite unfavorable when one tire is on a slippery surface like mud, grass, ice or wet track markings, as the tire on the slippery surface will end up spinning, consuming most of the available engine torque.

Consequently, there may not be enough torque going to the tire on the grippy surface, so acceleration would suffer. In terms of handling, an open diff gives you oversteer at the entry of a corner, and will understeer at the exit. Most open diff cars are underpowered, however, high-powered open diff cars or cars with open limited slip differentialmay spin the inside wheel on corner exit.

Excessive spin on the drive axle cause that axle to lose grip causing sudden oversteer on RWD cars or understeer on FWD cars. The open diff presents challenges in low traction conditions.

In addition, the balance changes suddenly through the corner, which is not desirable for a race car, as you are giving up traction. Locking differential A locking differential can behave both as an open differential and as a spool. The locker mechanism unlocks the wheels during corner entry and mid-corner and locks them on corner exit, when on the power. Limited slip differential As we saw, both a spool and an open diff have their issues, especially in racing conditions. Most race cars thus use a limited slip differential, which offers the best of both worlds.

You can tune the differential to behave as an open differential in certain conditions. By optimizing the diff setup, you can improve your car handling through a corner. Each car in iRacing has a different differential settings available, under different names and configuration values.Developed as a centralized racing and competition service, iRacing organizes, hosts and officiates online racing on virtual tracks all around the world.

In the fast-paced world of eSportsiRacing is a one-stop-shop for online racing. We utilize the latest technologies to recreate our ever-expanding lineup of famed race cars and tracks from the comfort of your home. All of the details add up to a lineup of cars and tracks that are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

This creates unmatched immersion when sim racers take the green flag in our online racing simulator. Although iRacing is an online racing simulator at heart, the value as a training tool is just as real. The best sim racers in the world compete on iRacing and you can watch the race broadcasts live on the iRacing eSports Network. Gamers looking for an unparalleled eSport driving experience will be right at home with iRacing. Compete against fellow online racers on all the iconic racetracks around the globe with more than 80 available tracks and configurations.

Join the many of our online racing leagues in any category of racing you prefer.

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Everyone starts their iRacing career as a rookie — and everything you need for your rookie season is included in your membership. You can race online in officially organized series where iRacing sets the schedule and keeps track of the championships points or set up your own private sessions.

Create individual races or design a league for a full season — the choices are virtually unlimited. Join the tens of thousands already racing in our online racing community. Whether you are looking for the best online racing on your computer or prefer to compete against yourself and the clock, iRacing has you covered.

All you need to start racing is a computer, driving wheel or controller, and an internet connection. The PC racing game has been running professional eSports series for years and is focused on growing this category of sim racing. Email Address. First Name. All Rights Reserved. Sign Up Sign In. Home Overview What is iRacing? Latest News.Although there are nearly as many different variations on Street Stock rules as there are oval race tracks, the common thread is the use of an older American street car as the basis of the Street Stock race car.

Depending on the track and its rules and your budgetStreet Stocks range from little more than a street car with its interior gutted, its windows removed and a rudimentary roll cage to a full-on race car with a highly-tuned engine, upgraded suspension and plastic bodywork conforming to the shape of the original street car.

Regardless of the specific rules, turning a street car into a Street Stock is not only less expensive than buying a purpose-built race car, the process of building a race car from a street car helps wanna-be race drivers and mechanics learn the fundamentals of race car construction, maintenance and setups. Learn More. Stay In Touch. Email Address. First Name. All Rights Reserved.

Sign Up Sign In. Home Overview What is iRacing? Dirt Street Stock. Ford F Learn More. Super Late Model Learn More. Road Racers. Porsche Cayman Learn More. Ferrari GT3 Learn More. Chevrolet Corvette C6. R Learn More. Ruf Rt 12 R Learn More. Kia Optima Learn More. Open Wheel. USF Learn More. Indy Pro Learn More. Formula Renault 3. F3 Dallara Learn More. Formula Renault 2. Pro Mazda Learn More. Skip Barber Formula Learn More. Lotus 49 Learn More.

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Lotus 79 Learn More. Sprint Car Learn More. Indycar Dallara circa Learn More. Dirt Track. Dirt Sprint Car Learn More. Dirt Midget Learn More. Dirt Street Stock Learn More.

VW Beetle Learn More. Pro 2 Lite Learn More. Interested in special offers, free giveaways, and news? Tweets by iRacing.In iRacing, you will start off with a rookie license. You will be racing with Rookie and Class D drivers. In order to move up in the classes upgrade your licenseyou have to improve your Safety Rating SR. The only way to do that is to run consistently clean laps in official sessions like time trials, qualifying, and races.

The key to success is patience. Start off with test sessions. Continue to practice and test, and when you feel pretty comfortable and can turn many laps without incident, go for your first time trial session.

Time trials will affect your safety rating, so be very patient and run all clean laps if you can, with no incidents.

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From there, move on to qualifying and racing as you feel comfortable with them. One thing that seems to help me a lot is to watch replays during or after practice sessions. Go to the replay screen and find a driver who turns some pretty good laps. Watch his or her replay.

You can try to practice with that in mind. The way to go faster on those tracks is to drive deeper into the corner, and get on the throttle earlier coming out of the corner. You have to do those things yet keep your entry and exit smooth and consistent. Find one for which you are eligible, and click the green icon to the right to join the session. After the simulator loads, you can simply spectate, or you can click Test Drive to join the race as a ghost driver.

There is a lot of information in this series of videos. Some of it you may already know, as I did, but I also learned some new things that helped me, so it is worth watching. Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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